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  • enigma

    a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand
  • songsmith

    a writer of songs
  • artist

    dreamer, creator, storyteller, musician, painter


NICKSTIR’s parents were World Ice Dance Champions, so he grew up dancing on ice. He became a champion and two times Olympian. Performing in shows was oxygen, corrupt judging his nemesis and – importantly – he never choose ice. Defined by his past and missing ‘real life skills’ he has battled to find freedom, identity and the ability to re-invent himself since that time.

Now, as entertainer he adds: singer, songwriter and music producer to his offering he is starts Act 2 of his performance life. The search for freedom and meaning, his cross genre dance background and his British comedic humorous observations of life’s journey permeate his writing: as can long reverb tails influenced by skating in ice arenas around the world.

From Rock n Roll to soaring Ballads to Latin, Blues and beyond his tenor delivery or lower warm tones are set to bring his stories to life. He writes from his piano or guitar base to provide different textures and loves to mix modern beats with traditional roots.

His ‘Nick Name’ was bestowed by the late, great, singer songwriter Colin Vearncombe of the band Black when ‘serendipity’ had Colin coach NICKSTIR in London.

His name’s Nick and his music will Stir your soul. After all, as he says, ‘If music doesn’t stir you, what’s the point?’

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