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Lid Off The Box Entertainment is the vehicle for the creative work of Nicholas Mark Slater (Nicky Slater). There are two specific aspects of our work – (1) Finished Work (2) In Development.

(1) FINISHED WORK – Our dot com site here is where we plan to show finished works. The vision is to create a clean beautifully designed disney plus type media setup with an online store. Huge goal, great fun, and possible. Twenty years of building a treasure trove of content awaits…

(2) IN DEVELOPMENT – Our dot net site is our Production House where we are creating. It’s messy, it’s the greenhouse, it’s where we grow our work and ideas.  It’s real life, sometimes overwhelm always hope and it’s the journey. We have designed it as a Patreon Equivalent idea. If you would like to see work in progress (that’s not quite perfect!) be a part of and support our journeywe’d love you to join our DREAMTRYB at lidoffthebox.net We’ll have a blast.

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