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We come across many providers on our journey. We value ones that deliver and enable us.

Some of these suppliers offer an Affiliate Programme. This means that a customer can recommend them and, for so doing, receive commission if a sale is made.

So we will be listing here suppliers we use that offer that possibility. Simply click on the link.



We use WebsitePolices to create our Legal Documentation. I procrastinated for years on this and wrote ideas of Terms and Conditions and Policies. Today I added detailed Terms and Conditions, PrivacyPolicy, Disclaimer and Cookie Policies. I created a template web page and simply ended up pasting in the different documents on different pages.

Bottom line I feel I now have robust, honest and truthful procedures in place to allow me to be more professional, informative to those I serve and to be protected in the world.

WebsitePolices easy to use system facilitated that. So if you click the link you will see their site and we should get commission if you buy through that link.

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