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This page is Amazing


We are taking the Lid Off The Box


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A story

About the brand

What is the essence of a brand? So much more than ‘just a logo.’ What is it here at LID OFF THE BOX? I have been battling for years to put the jigsaw pieces together and create an integrated answer, a whole offering, and Lid Off THe box is where it’s landed. Why so long? Because I was not confident in what could come. Rational thinking agrees with my: I want to manage one space not many, I want every drop that is poured out on this internet ocean to have synergy with the next because I want to create a Disney type offering with a difference. A huge vision. In reality it’s been my processing. This is all therapy. And, because of my background, learning, abilities and character; it is a possibility. In my mind!

In essence then, LID OFF THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT is about my quest to take the Lid Off The Box ‘of Life’ and learn to keep it off. Making Crazy Work encompasses that ridiculous dream, that heartfelt longing that can appear so needy, so pathetic, so childlike in an adult world of ‘pay the bills, be sensible, do it as a hobby.’

How do I find the courage, resources, energy and persistence to re-invent myself, when everyone around me thinks I am nuts with my silly ‘imprecise’ dreams, or turn away when it takes so many years to have the courage to share? How do I develop an ‘Eddie The Eagle’ self belief? Particularly when I haven’t got the practical nor life skills to be effective in this? How can I be ‘Making Crazy Work?’ How can ‘we’ do this? How can we be who we feel we were made to be?

" I am complicated. I am often distracted. I am a car crash in so many ways. The problem is I get up with this drive every morning to keep on trying to realise what only I can sense is possible... "


If we haven’t had a role modelled we can copy. If we haven’t found our place. If we are searching and can sense something, but it’s too ridiculous to tell people about. if we have gifts and talents. If we haven’t learnt life skills that gives us confidence. If we haven’t learnt how to work with others. If we have hidden hang ups and hold ups within… How do we find our place, our role, our purpose? 


AUG 2022



I have been accused ‘rightly it transpires’ of hiding in the tech, for years, I try to master the intricacies, find the perfect solution, learn and evaluate every type of system.  It enables me to avoid doing and exposing the work. It avoids me having to take criticism. It feels a noble quest and is stressful, expensive and exhausting. I rationalise that I don’t want to pump oil before I have the pipes in place. Self evidently I avoid trying to manage others – as I don’t think I’m good at it – and it’s expensive – and I only like working with really top level people. Sounds good – in great part – it’s a cop out.

Move from one man Army?

My rational was for ‘Producer Me’ to set up the studio and the facility for that ‘Artist Me’ then be enabled to play and learn. I now realise that ‘Artist Me’ would have been better served to have had that budget spent on education. Over fifteen years well over 150 GBP plus spent would have been some education! And I might have released a song by now!

Self evidently I still do too many roles. Of course I can only do one at a time, so everything takes a very very long time. Some roles I am fast at: song and lyric writing, writing, presenting. Some I am very slow at – website, admin. And I am rubbish at completing projects.

On the plus side the journey has birthed some fabulous, heartfelt songs that reflect the journey, the anguish the hope and the comedic view of this traveller. Who knows maybe their value is worth more than formal education to someone… I have got to the end of myself. And still I continue.

So –  I can see that gaining support for this epic adventure would be exciting at some point. With Project Management and high level resources freedom is possible. I have the vision, I have the base and I have loads of content waiting…

And – I will do it anyway, resources or no. It’s 1:19 am I am writing to you.

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