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To stir your soul and enrich your life with special moments – through our music, stories and characters.

To encourage us all – to dare to be – who we really are.

To be taking the Lid Off The Box of our lives – blowing the doors off fear – and creating Epic.


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We are guided and driven by our Core Values.
Here they are…

Give… love & laughter
Believe… we can
Pursue… EPIC


Be bold
Be strong
Be better

Be truth full
No with holds
Put fear in the light
Hard conversations early
Loyalty to the absent

You can’t give without getting
Celebrate milestones
Stand for Freedom and Common Sense


Powerful stories
family friendly delivery


Life – is life
Embrace next
Speak clean


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on this journey

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Lid Off The Box Entertainment is the public face of our work. To Entertain and Inspire by taking the Lid Off The Box of our lives and going for those crazy dreams our goal.

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Behind the scenes DREAMTRYB is a special part of our Lid Off The Box PATREON community. MAKING CRAZY BREAKTHROUGHS we fuel life our inner NICKSTIRS.

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Crazy idea –  write music – give it life in different genres through different characters. Well crazy is becoming reality as we start to create EPIC one song at a time!

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‘Be A VIP’ is a Top Secret A to B solutions framework created in DREAMTRYB LABS. We share it with our Dreamtryb Special Agents. Breakthroughs to come…

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