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NMS Intro – Our Why & Core Purpose

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Nicholas Mark Slater


I am into communication and overcoming fear to find freedom as a quest. Some of my musings on this, and how our society influences us, can be seen below…

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It always starts with a story. Part of our story is developing into a MARVELesque saga. There seems to be a merging of reality and history developing with an Epic storyline of seeking to change our world for good.

This developing storyline, embedded within our Patreon community, is provoking three letter acronyms (TLA’s). It is searching for A.T.F. – the ANTIDOTE TO FEAR through finding F.I.G. – FREQUENCY INTERVENTIONS FOR GOOD and all this is dependent upon FREEING NICKSTIR… That last section doesn’t quite fit a TLA! FIN?

It is also filled with comedy and the drama of good versus evil.

DREAMTRYB is at the core of this story, this quest for freedom, identity, courage to re-invent and daring to step. It’s a developing scenario…

Legend has it starting on 2nd July 1945 at Chartwell, Kent in England. Winston Churchill’s home in the great man’s living room after dinner. So far it runs to 2nd July 2025 at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. How much of this story sees life depends on us. Frank will tell you about it.

It’s TOP SECRET and why we are creating a new DREAMTRYB to battle the evil F.I.A.H. – Fiendish Individuals that Attack with Hate. F.I.A.H. has just hacked the original DREAMTRYB’s funding. So now we’re scuppered – unless we create a new DREAMTRYB. It’s step up time…

We need to help our DREAMTRYB SUPER AGENTS with their Triple ‘L’ Powers of: Love, Light and Laughter allied to the power of our music to help us win through.

You can join us as a TOP SECRET DREAMTRYB SPECIAL AGENT and be a part of our LID OFF THE BOX ELITE COMMUNITY on our Patreon site. Get exciting benefits and have fun in return for helping free NICKSTIR to change the world for good as you are a part of this adventure.

Let’s blow the doors off fear and create EPIC together!

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I like to think integrity is key for us here at LID OFF THE BOX. Knowing what we are about and acting as we would like to be treated. It’s simple, deep and challenging, particularly when creating and using Intellectual property.

Co-Founder Nicholas Mark Slater

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A rebel STORY…

I am a rebel. So I rebel against being told what to do and I also rebel about me tellIng me what to do!


No names nor places nor context – NDA’a rule…

I was working on a figure skating championship when a message came to us, as Commentators, from powers above. We were asked to say nice things about a man who was important in the sport LIVE ON AIR when cameras caught him.

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Now I was brought up in Ice Dancing. Every day, from my earliest years my mother was recounting dirty deals Judges did with coaches across our kitchen table. I joined the dots and thought everyone was on the take. Not great, not true.


So what was my reaction to the request to give some PR to an important man live on air? No harm in that is there? No big deal? Play nice. But…

Well perhaps because of my background, my PR, Journalistic training or some inate ‘right and wrong’ belief…

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End of commentary career was not an issue. The message request, became optional. I did not relay it.

And I’m challenged as I write this. In my integrity. I’ll just use that font… Arghh NO. Need to pay for some on here!

This story frames what follows. Enjoy.


PS – Two months, 20 custom designs later with vector drawing fonts issue addressed on brands – I’ve made them, they are unique .Rock N Roll



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I have read much of and firmly believe that:

(1) Successful organisations, with longevity, stand for good. They get what they give and they seek to serve brilliantly.

(2) Having a Core Purpose provides a compass that guides the organisation over time in an ever changing world.

(3) Core Values are what you expect of the organisation and hold it to account on. What are we about? Why?

Below we seek to address this.

Nicholas Mark Slater – CO-FOUNDER


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A short essay expanding ‘Our Why’ from Co-Founder Nicholas (Nicky) Slater


This essay is musings on fear, our society and the start of a dialogue of what can hold us forom going for our dreams and of what has has held me personally.

I am committed to LID OFF THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT examining F E A R and discovering the antidote to this dis – ease we all carry. I am excited about the potential for freedom that comes from knowledge and breakthroughs in this quest for understanding. One of our core values is to purposefully ‘PUT FEAR IN THE LIGHT’ it is a strategy we shall be pursuing. easier for external processors and always a revelation of how light can overcome dark.

And I have much coaching, therapy and reflection over a lifetime of being held by lies that have bound me to apply to this questioning. So here is an essay that is developing. I hope it provokes some thoughts and give you deeper insight into what drives our quest and work here at LID OFF THE BOX.  Enjoy…
Nicholas Mark Slater – Co-Founder

I could sign as Dr Nicholas Mark Slater (Hons) MA – perhaps that gives me more credibility – funny how we can perceive messages – a part of my thinking below… 



We live in – what appears to be – an increasingly shout shout, hate hate, bullying, fragmenting, instant media world where stark views gain ground like wild-fires. Conflict though, has always been with us. Good news – and there is so much good in our world – is often missed for it is not notable enough to make the news. Editors filter to their editorial policies, Channels have bias, twas ever thus. Good Journalism though is independent, otherwise it’s commentary or propaganda. We should not write it off, it deligently seeks and then accurately presents truth. Part of my life has been as a professional communicator, journalist, public relations and marketing expert. I was a Marketing and Communication Director for a one thousand employee organisation for five years. It was a while back and I forget some of these ‘five year’ project periods.


Who can we trust? Who, and what, do we fear? How can we not be upset and influenced (knowingly or subconsciously) by Military Grade propaganda designed to skew our culture and our elections Which is being unleashed upon us across social media?

We are bombarded with messages designed to provoke anger, fear and division. The foul mouth shouter given prominence as group lynching becomes fashionable again – verbally – for now…

This is the world we inhabit in 2019. Fundamentals of people wanting to win – at any cost – have always been with us. But the Social Media delivery channel is a new phenomena. It is an ever evolving system of contact points which allows us to be deeply messaged against our personal psychological profiling. This is powerful, personal and lights fires in us Of ‘buy buy’ or ‘fight fight.’ Opponents can cause us to be divided against ourselves as we shout across the barricades of our home town.

How clever to defeat your enemy without risking soldiers. As in warfare… The strategy and now the methodolgy and delivery channels are the same. So where is the war now?

In my mind?


Then there’s the artist, standing apart from society. The balladeer, court jester, poet, maverick, malcontent, non conformist.  Homeless, poor or making a living they may be and some may scale commercial heights. We need them. They hold a mirror up to society – it can help us see ourselves – warts and all. It is not comfortable. We would prefer to stay comfortable believing we are safe and right in what we do and say.

So how does this phenomena of intimidation effect the softer skinned artist? Do they fear? Do they hide away? Do they overlay their personal fears with the big brother, bullying culture they see modelled. You seem to have to shout and swear in a way they find distasteful and to not care about your brother. Where is the love?


We are a Media Enterprise here at Lid Off the Box Entertaiment. We are artists. We are producers. We are administrators / managers. We are Marketers and Public Relations. We are a tiny tiny team that is often one man (as at July 2019) trying to create something EPIC! We seek to create a positive brand message and reach as many people as we can with this to help change their world for good. So using this Social Media tool could be great for us… And the channels themselves are neutral, as money is. It’s what we do with them and it that make a difference – I think…

We seek to ‘stand’ for good, act in an honourable way, and entertain and inspire breakthroughs for ourselves and those we serve in our community.

This is mostly my vision and my creation. It is also fuelled by my battle for finding the courage to stand in freedom and dare to re-invent myself and fly.

I seek to embed culture here. I am convinced that ‘good’ is what we all, deep down, “value” and that my/our ‘fear’ empowers the bully. To address my fears and overcome them is big stuff for me, perhaps – at times – for you too? That’s why I’m/we’re here.

Perfect love casts out fear. My Co-Founder and wife has just reminded me as I tell her of what I am writing and thinking. Yes and how do I achieve that Holy grial in the cut and thrust of my mind and everyday living when an email and social media message says I’m an idjit!?


Should I, as leader of this enterprise write here? Will standing for what I believe isolate, cause offense, bring attacks? Possibly. Is it better to stay quiet and be commercially conservative to have a wider market base? And so we all face this in our society as the issue of standing for FREEDOM says hello. Dare I stand? Am I man or am I mouse? Avoid it and hide? Or show me… The Marketing advice? Play is safe? Or be radical? Both could work. The radical approach is more turbulent.


Bottom line. I am here to lead this enterprise and, in so doing, I am learning to stand in freedom of what I believe in and to stand up for this. It’s scary for me to do this, easier to stay quiet, hide away, be nice, don’t rock any boat. I can justify that decision and remain a mouse, keeping politics and faith private. Unless, I am in a war situation, a critical negotiation, then you would be pleased to me around. I can turn off emotion and be stone cold evaluative. It is not conducive for song writing! It comes from a home where parents fought and I protected my sou as a child. And I don’t want to be cold. I want to be warm, loving and giving… Hiding behind a mask the answer? NICKSTIR?


And I have stood in an arena in front of ten thousand people who were booing me royally for two minutes. It was great. I have stood on National Television and taken a stand that drew gasps from twelve million viewers. I was right. I have competed in the top five of the world and been a champion of my Country.. And yet I can often be a wimp if I don’t think ‘Man or Mouse.’


So I will stand for what I believe is good and in my ‘faith.’ For I am a man who believes in God, the Bible, Jesus and the out-workings of that clear of colour of religious constructs as much as possible. Religion involves constructs man creates – some needed – to manage a group. To me Faith is belief and a seeking after insights and wisdom. So I believe in something outside of me. And I believe there is good and there is evil in this world and that a battle rages. And I believe good is stronger and ‘ultimately’ always wins.


Fundamentally I am a Rebel in my character. A Rebel can be great for society because they do not cow tow to the oppressor. They may be imprisoned, shot and at least derided as they go but they also stand for what they believe is right. They unsettle – if they act freely. They can also be a pain in the butt to the status quo because when they write about it, they can upset the brokers of power or societies current agreement as to what is acceptable to say -today.


I rebel against censorship. I rebel against societies subversive agreements that become backed by law. I rebel against a closing down of my freedom of speech under a brand of ‘tolerance’. And I am becomming an anomaly and a controlled entity. You see I am a white Christian married man who believes family is the basis of society and that family is between a man and a woman who come together for life. I believe a law based on Judeo Christian principles is the right basis for a nation, not one based on The Human’s Rights. I believe we need God in there. In 2019 this is becomming a radical, challenging, irrelevent position. It is also ‘almost’ becoming an illegal position to expound as the pendulum swings towards ‘anything goes’ in our Western Society of 2019.

And I am a flawed, often screwed up man who was once divorced and believes that – as the bible says – perfect love casts out fear. Finding Perfect Love can be a stretch!


So here, within the writings, songs, characters you will find the battles I, and perhaps you, face portrayed by our characters. It’s stories of real life, of being on the edge, of addressing fear and stepping out… For some of us that’s a big deal! It’s also stories drawn from history that I hope move you to laugh, sing along and touch your soul. That’s why we’re here.

NICKSTIR is the symbol of this standing in freedom – not arrogant, but confident. FREE NICKSTIR is our quest. For my inner NICKSTIR and perhaps that dream you still carry deep inside that we can give life to. 

It is never over till it’s over.

March 2019 (Updated July 2019)


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To entertain and to inspire the rest of us to overcome those lies that bind us and be the extraordinary folk we all are.

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To entertain and inspire.

As a Media Company creating a world of EPIC products to light up the world including: music, stories, brands, characters and live shows.

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Pursue EPIC
Laugh, love, encourage

Value truth, optimism, debate
Have hard conversations early
Be the best we can be

Over communicate
Always put fear in the light

Be powerful in the story
family friendly in the delivery

Think global
Embrace next


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Write, compose, invent, design, paint…

As an entertainment factory

Build a DREAMTRYB to be sharing, enjoying and growing with on the journey – connecting at LIVE events

Steward resources effectively

Give 10% of net profits to sponsor initiatives that facilitate people, of all ages, to interact positively and deeply in the challenges of now and next

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We love our brand images…

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Lid Off The Box Entertainment is the base station for our design, admin and core values. It’s about the call to take the Lid Off The Box of our lives and go for those crazy dreams that sit deep within.

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DREAMTRYB is a our community. Here we can give to, belong, laugh and cry together. Here we give of what we create and get fuel in return as we travel together on this journey.

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We had the crazy idea to take our music into different genres through different characters we create. Well crazy is becoming reality as we start to create EPIC one song at a time!

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‘Be A VIP’ is a Top Secret A to B solutions framework created in DREAMTRYB LABS. We using it and will share it with our Dreamtryb Secret Special Agents. Breakthroughs to come…

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We are taking the LID OFF THE BOX of our lives 

We aim to be BLOWING THE DOORS OFF FEAR to be creating EPIC

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